Welcome to Moisture Control South Africa, we supply non-toxic, safe-to-use products, for a multitude of uses!

Latest technology for the best results
Water Guard Moisture Control products possess the world's most innovative, powerful, patented compounds that control corrosion, moisture, humidity, mould, mildew and odours in industrial and home environments.
Water Guard Moisture Control dessicant sachets work more effectively than regular silica products and is ideal for the best possible preservation of belongings and valuables in every day, long-term or temporary storage. Other products include: Corrosion Guard, Cable Dry, and Humidity Indicators.
Typical uses
For protecting items such as: Electrical systems, industrial equipment, nuts and bolts, musical instruments, fabrics, appliances, electronics, cameras, optical equipment, collectibles, guns, ammunition, fishing tackle, tools, jewelry, silverware, wood products etc. -In fact anything you want to protect from the damaging effects of moisture, humidity and corrosion.
Please peruse our products and technical specification pages for detailed information.