Cable Dry

WGMC Cable-Dry Removes Water. Restores Service
WGMC Cable-Dry was developed specifically to facilitate the repair of water-compromised telecommunications systems. Cable-Dry acts as a drying agent which attracts and traps moisture that causes system shorts and necessitates excessive repair service while degrading the overall quality of telecom service. Properly applied, WGMC Cable-Dry can restore dial tone in mere minutes. 

Based on proven proprietary technology* 
WGMC Cable-Dry (bulk powder) removes 100% of the moisture from PIC, pulp and paper insulated Gables and splices in minutes with no damage to conductor insulation. Unlike the exothermic chemical reaction of silica powders and water, WGMC Cable-Dry powder is a super-absorbing polymer that electrostatically bonds with water, generating no heat in the process. Thus WGMC Cable-Dry can be sprinkled directly on the cable and connectors and can be easily removed once it has encapsulated the moisture. 

Providers of Industry Critical Solutions 
To maintain a moisture-free splice, WGMC Cable-Dry packets can be placed inside the splice closure to prevent additional intrusion of moisture. Used primarily for desiccating the trapped air in enclosed spaces such as unfilled copper splices, fiber optic closures, apparatus cases (including T-1 and xDSL), WGMC Cable-Dry packets reduce the amount of service required to maintain full functionality after service has been restored. 

The Best Choice For Service Restoration 
Broad Application WGMC Cable-Dry Packets should be used for desiccating the trapped air in enclosed spaces where relative humidity can condense and eventually impair communication, such as in: 
  • Unfilled copper cable 
  • Coaxial cable 
  • Spiral-four type splices 
  • Fiber optic closures 
  • Apparatus cases including T-1 and xDSL
Fast-Acting And Long-Term
WGMC Cable-Dry eliminates the need for a painstaking and timeconsuming maintenance process. Even with water-saturated paper cable or splices, dial tone and trouble-free service is restored in minutes. There's no proven method or product available to the telecommunications industry that is as effective or fast. 

Easy to Use
By applying WGMC Cable-Dry directly on wet paper cable and splice conductors, 100% of the water can be removed. By placing additional WGMC Cable-Dry Packets in the compromised area, a moisture-free environment can be easily maintained and service integrity protected effortlessly. 

Environmentally Safe
WGMC Cable-Dry is non-toxic, requires no special handling and generates no heat during its drying action. With an unlimited shelf-life, unused product can be saved and used for other installations, thus eliminating waste and reducing the cost of service repair and ongoing maintenance. 

Conveniently packaged
WGMC Cable-Dry is available in Moisture Control Packets sealed in foil-protective packages and in bulk (powder) form. 

Unparalleled Applicability
WGMC Cable-Dry is designed for use in unfilled copper splices, coaxial, spiral-four type splices, fiber optic closures, apparatus cases such as T-1 or DSL, or any enclosed housing where relative humidity can condense and impair service. It will also remove moisture trapped within components inside the enclosure. 
WGMC Cable-Dry Packets Usage Guidelines
Total No. of Pairs / No. of WGMC Cable-Dry Packets
25 - 100 / 1
200 - 300 / 2
400 - 900 / 3
1200 - 1500 / 4
1200 - 1500 / 4
1800 - 3000 / 6